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Import Paperwallet in Desktop Wallet

Import your Paperwallet into Desktop Wallet with only a few clicks: You Need: Your paperwallet generated “Keys for GUI Wallet” to complete these Tutorial. 1. Open Qwertycoin Wallet and go to “File > Import private key“. 2. Paste here your “Keys for GUI Wallet”-key into these Popup and set your location where you wanna store…

+++ Desktop Wallet Release +++

Desktop Wallet is now available. Just go to Download Section and click on the specific Downloadlink for your Operationsystem. We provide our GUI Wallet for Windows-64 Bit, MacOS and also for Linux. Downloadlinks: Windows 64 Bit Download Windows 32 Bit Download MacOS Download Linux Download Official Github Release Page: https://github.com/qwertycoin-org/qwertycoin-gui/releases