Qwertycoin Mining

Start generating your very own Qwertycoin in three easy steps.

Follow the guide below to get up and running as a member of the Qwertycoin Community.

If you have issues following any of these steps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Create a Qwertycoin Wallet

Download the software for your Operating System, go through the easy to understand wizard and generate your very own Qwertycoin wallet address. Make sure you keep a copy of your mnemonic seed!

2. Get the Software

Download applicable mining software for your computer. Any mining software that supports the current CryptoNight algorithm will work (for the meantime). Join in the community discussions if you have any issues with mining.

Visit CryptUnit – here you can find all CryptoNight Miners.

Pool / Calculator / Info for Qwertycoin.

3. Choose a Mining Pool

Join the official Qwertycoin Mining Pool to get started. We actively support pool operators and miners alike in our community.

Track your earnings through one of our many listed pools available to the Qwertycoin project.

Official Qwertycoin Mining Pool

Solo Mining

How to solo mine with the CLI release

1. Download CLI Wallet and extract it
2. Run Qwertycoind

After you are synchronized run Qwertycoind again with these flags:


start_mining YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS [Threads=4]

You can replace your wallet address and threads.



start_mining QWC1fMvrpEY1igwtLfMMDMNQvvzAXQz6mdYCsw1fSVeUCdZTEoqPbbkSSMP9FKf1XxBE88p2ermGfShfcvEcRBav8i157tNMVK 4