Donate to Support Development

Qwertycoin Community,

At Qwertycoin we are always striving to achieve new heights and deliver products or software implementations that are requested by the community. Listening to our community members and taking in feedback is not only one of the core founding principles of Qwertycoin, but it is inherent in our open-source nature. Qwertycoin is continuously looking to grow and improve to ensure that you, the user of our product, are getting the best possible experience you can.

As many of you are aware, no one on the Qwertycoin staff is paid to do the work they do and generally anything that requires a payment comes from members of the Core Team’s own income.

100% of the donations we receive will be used specifically and only for Qwertycoin related needs.

Here are some examples of needs that your donations will be used for:

  • Exchanges listing fees
  • Servers for websites, Insight API and wallets, both mobile and desktop
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • Development assistance

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