Dear all QWC members,

QWC team has several announcements.

1. QWC is currently under listing discussion with BiteBTC [] [] for the pair of ETH, BCH and Dash.
The market dominance of BTC is rising and this could indicate that existing holders of above coins are exiting the market or looking for alternative coins with potentials. So it is a good timing to add additional exchanges.

However, we cannot stop the dumpers on Crex24 but I expect QWC can sucessfully recover previous price level within 45 days. I also see a repetitive patterns in market activities(reposting after immediate low price buy) to recover the investment at currenct price range. I can only hope that bigger investors HODL.

The coins will be distributed among reputable exchanges from now on. So please keep mining and share and repost QWC marketing announcements in your social media as much as you can.

2. QWC is also looking for a possible usecase and we are talking about this with an entity. So you should think before you bet your precious coins.

3. Please read the whitepaper and give us a feedback by the end of September. We will issue V1.0 by October 1st.

BTW, the registration takes a while in this exchange so get on with it as soon as you can.