Please update your Daemons, CLI- and GUI-Wallets:

Release notes Qwertycoin 1.8.0

– Android platform support
– Added logging to blockchain synchronizer
– Refactored mnemonics
– Fixed memory leaks in mnemonics
– Fixed memory leak in simplewallet
– Fixed memory leak in cn_slow_hash
– Minor optimization of JSON KV-serializer
– LoggerMessage implementation is now platform-independent
– Deterministic wallets and Mnemonic seed, courtesy of Monero Developers
– Various build fixes
– Transactions confirmations in RPC response for walletd
– Log file location for simplewallet
– New RPC methods
– Support for solo GPU mining
– Additional validation and attribution


Including the new RPC-Server with fix Issues with showing pending Transactions in memory pool.
We also decrease the 60,000 Blocksize Upgrade to now: 40,000 Goal! After this Block, the new Block size will be much larger.

Make sure to update before Height 60,000 is reached.