Qwertycoin is with Monero and Turtle the fastest growing Cryptonight project in terms of developments of the existing Blockchain, as well as the new developments.

No other CN project known to me (except monero and turtle) has such a strong development as we have for months including the next months / years. We have a big todo with a huge workload of new ideas.

For example the Blockchain encrypted messenger function. You can send short messages through the QWC Blockchain
100% encrypted, 100% anonymous and 100% untraceable

✔️ I would generally recommend to every participant in the crypto scene to watch the projects from the viewpoint of the developers. Then you will notice that many projects may have a price or more volume but are dead inside.
I could name half a dozen of dead projects that still have a higher price than Qwertycoin.

💡 Price doesn’t matter 💡

Maybe I’m selfish, but I know that our developers are very good. We are making a lot of progress in the background. but, someone without technical understanding does not see all these important steps. That’s our problem.

Dear all QWC members,

I would like to provide updates today.

  • 3rd Party Exchange and Trading

In terms of trading, currently we are too, let me correct this, way too concentrated on one specific exchange and the shear sell volume on a price range is just mind blowing. This must spread out over various exchanges to get the price moving.

We are now on Bisq exchange, a decentralized BTC and fiat exchange. It has relatively low liquidity like any other DEXs. Their trading system is different from exchanges most of you experienced before, so we may have to create a guide for trading on this exchange.

I am continuously getting in touch with new exchanges as well. If you find an exchange that promotes free listing, let me know.

Codebase Development

1. Bulletproof on Qwertycoin

We have begun the implementation of Monero’s bulletproof on Qwertycoin blockchain. The lead time for codebase implementation will take about a month.

2. Deprecate Subaddress Integration Plan

After carefule review over time, this feature may not be required for our blockchain. QWC is not going to be the best and leading anonymous coin, because we do not position ourselves that way in the market. I will dicuss in more details later on.

3. Multi-Signature Wallet

This feature might be useful for exchange wallets because we have experienced moral hazzards from the past. A way to protect our memebers from losing coins.

4. Code Coverage

Code coverage helps developers to make better codes basically by running tests. Check out what others have done here. (https://quacc.org/)

5. Mobile Wallet

We are working on releasing mobile wallet(s). Stay tuned. I am sure we will see people saying “When Mobile Wallet?” in this channel. Care to make an emoji for this?

6. DB Implementation

As size of our blockchain grows, it may be necessary to use DB like BCN and Monero in near future. Will update as we move on.

7. A New Explorer

I love the explorer we use now, but it can be better. Planning to renew this feature within 2019.

8. EPoSe

Not the time yet.

– – – – – – – – –
QWC is just over 15 months old and we are growing very fast.
Our team is communicating 24/7 to make QWC better every day.

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, or need to quickly get functional wallet and don’t want to wait for synchronization for several hours – use our Zero Wallet.

Download Zero Wallet from here:




Check out the new Web Wallet

-Create new Wallet in your Browser!
-Import your existent wallet via mnemonic- or private keys.

Keys on your device

No servers, fully encrypted!

Send Everywhere, Anytime!

-Export your Webwallet to your Desktop Client

If you use Google Chrome Browser you can install this Web Application in your Browser.
Or use it on your mobile Device with any Browser (Chrome recommend).

Use it as a mobile wallet. Scan the recipient QR Code and transfer QWC in short time.

Check it out NOW: https://myqwertycoin.com/

Succesfull Community Voting:
Q: Shall we switch back to Cryptonight-Classic? (https://voting.qwertycoin.org/?election=1)

Download new Software and replace it  BEFORE Block height 250,720

Classic Daemon & Simplewallet

GUI (Desktop Client)

Poolowner or Nodeowner please compile it by yourself if precompiled version doesn’t work with your hardware.

Dear Qwertycoin Community Members,

Welcome to Official Qwertycoin Voting Platform. This platform allows members to participate and engage in important community decisions. Holding QWC means holding rights of QWC blockchain. Please use your rights to lead the community.
By using this webpage, the members acknowledge that they understand and agree with the rules, terms and conditions set forth in the following passages.

Visit here:


Dear all QWC members,

QWC team has several announcements.

1. QWC is currently under listing discussion with BiteBTC [https://bitebtc.com/] [https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/bitebtc/] for the pair of ETH, BCH and Dash.
The market dominance of BTC is rising and this could indicate that existing holders of above coins are exiting the market or looking for alternative coins with potentials. So it is a good timing to add additional exchanges.

However, we cannot stop the dumpers on Crex24 but I expect QWC can sucessfully recover previous price level within 45 days. I also see a repetitive patterns in market activities(reposting after immediate low price buy) to recover the investment at currenct price range. I can only hope that bigger investors HODL.

The coins will be distributed among reputable exchanges from now on. So please keep mining and share and repost QWC marketing announcements in your social media as much as you can.

2. QWC is also looking for a possible usecase and we are talking about this with an entity. So you should think before you bet your precious coins.

3. Please read the whitepaper and give us a feedback by the end of September. We will issue V1.0 by October 1st.

BTW, the registration takes a while in this exchange so get on with it as soon as you can.

Here you can find the whitepaper as a PDF file:

Thanks Xecute for the work!

#QWC #Qwertycoin #Cryptocurrency #Whitepaper

We’re happy to announce the release of the Qwertycoin wallet v3.0.0 for Windows, macOS & Linux!

Get your download HERE: https://www.qwertycoin.org/downloads

It is a MUST that you DO NOT try and use any cached data from the old software.
This new wallet version relies on the new blockchain, and must be synced from scratch.

Read the instructions twice before starting (especially if it’s your first time).
Join our Telegram Channel if you have any questions – Qwertycoin Community.


DO NOT use a copy of your old blockchain file as part of this upgrade process!
(Seriously, we can’t emphasize this enough. You won’t save time and will only be disappointed with the results.)


Step-by-step instructions:
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