A small announcement:

For 3Q, I set my next development goal to make a new explorer that shows the following:

1. Block Explorer
2. Mining(PoW) Explorer
3. Network/Node(PoS) Explorer
4. Market Explorer
5. QWC Tools

This update is very much critical to our path forward to EPoSe.

We have used Karbo’s explorer like many other CN coins for a long time and it has served its purpose very well. Once we complete this new explorer,

I believe QWC will set a new standard for Crypto scene in terms of what kind of information really needs to be public and shared among users.

Also, android version of simple wallet is expected to be launched within 3Q as well as LMDB(database) implementation on QWC,

which will allow more efficient mixin(anonymity) compared to Monero.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here:


[Announcement – July 25th, 2019]

Hello, Community!

We who started from the bottom of cryptospace has turned into one of the most profitable coins in the market. Marketcap hit 2 million USD and we all expect it to rise even more in near future. In line with this expectation, I would like to make today’s announcement regarding crowdfunding for exchange listings.

P2PB2B has contacted us for some time now and they have offered a listing on their exchnage if we get to pay a fee of 3 BTC.

Yes, this is a lot of value when you think about the total buy walls we have in the market.

Tell us whether we as a community should try to crowdfund this act or not.

[Announcement – June 15th, 2019]

Time really flies and it has been almost a month since QWC is listed on CMC. Today’s announcement is regarding the development work done on the core of the project and webwallet interface to make it more user friendly.

Qwertycoin is a fork of Cryptonote Original. From this source code, Cryptonote developers used this codebase to develop source code for BCN and XMR. If you want to know more about how all CN projects are linked to each other, please visit https://forkmaps.com/

For the past 7 weeks,

1. Developers cleaned up the native portion of source code through linting. Linting is like formatting documents in a certain way that is human readable.

2. The folder and file sturecture was reorganized in the codebase to make it easier to fork and customize QWC blockchain.

This was a necessary step in my opinion before the implementation of EPoSe. This implementation will take a while because we will be changing many things. The only thing I ask from our community is to provide support this chain deserves until we get to our goal. Thanks for reading.

[Announcement – May 7th, 2019]

The current trading volume is being monitored by CMC for listing Qwertycoin. The reply from CMC is in the following. Please note that we do not need to submit additional requests to CMC for their evaluation. Keep trading on Crex24 and BiteBTC to make this possible.

Thank you for the update. We have all the information that we need for now.

We will continue to monitor the trading activity/volume over a period of time to determine whether this can be organically sustained. This is also one of the reasons why we do not specify any thresholds and assessment intervals, as that would make it easy to ‘game’ the system.
• For trading volumes, there is no specific threshold that we are able to disclose publicly, as we benchmark our assessment against market conditions and other applications.
• As a general rule of thumb (this is by no means a guarantee), 3-figure USD volumes and below per exchange are harder to justify.

We prefer to see a sustained and organic increase in trading volume/activity across at least 2 CMC-supported exchanges before we can perform a proper evaluation.

Please note that these are just the minimum requirements, and meeting them does not guarantee a listing.

Best Practices/Guidelines
• You may send us additional information about your progress (via this thread) to keep us updated, especially if you have made some noteworthy progress.
• However, please do not submit duplicate requests as it will add to the request queue and slow down the process.

For more information regarding the listing process, please see: https://coinmarketcap.com/methodology/#listings-criteria

CoinMarketCap Support

Qwertycoin is with Monero and Turtle the fastest growing Cryptonight project in terms of developments of the existing Blockchain, as well as the new developments.

No other CN project known to me (except monero and turtle) has such a strong development as we have for months including the next months / years. We have a big todo with a huge workload of new ideas.

For example the Blockchain encrypted messenger function. You can send short messages through the QWC Blockchain
100% encrypted, 100% anonymous and 100% untraceable

✔️ I would generally recommend to every participant in the crypto scene to watch the projects from the viewpoint of the developers. Then you will notice that many projects may have a price or more volume but are dead inside.
I could name half a dozen of dead projects that still have a higher price than Qwertycoin.

💡 Price doesn’t matter 💡

Maybe I’m selfish, but I know that our developers are very good. We are making a lot of progress in the background. but, someone without technical understanding does not see all these important steps. That’s our problem.

Dear all QWC members,

I would like to provide updates today.

  • 3rd Party Exchange and Trading

In terms of trading, currently we are too, let me correct this, way too concentrated on one specific exchange and the shear sell volume on a price range is just mind blowing. This must spread out over various exchanges to get the price moving.

We are now on Bisq exchange, a decentralized BTC and fiat exchange. It has relatively low liquidity like any other DEXs. Their trading system is different from exchanges most of you experienced before, so we may have to create a guide for trading on this exchange.

I am continuously getting in touch with new exchanges as well. If you find an exchange that promotes free listing, let me know.

Codebase Development

1. Bulletproof on Qwertycoin

We have begun the implementation of Monero’s bulletproof on Qwertycoin blockchain. The lead time for codebase implementation will take about a month.

2. Deprecate Subaddress Integration Plan

After carefule review over time, this feature may not be required for our blockchain. QWC is not going to be the best and leading anonymous coin, because we do not position ourselves that way in the market. I will dicuss in more details later on.

3. Multi-Signature Wallet

This feature might be useful for exchange wallets because we have experienced moral hazzards from the past. A way to protect our memebers from losing coins.

4. Code Coverage

Code coverage helps developers to make better codes basically by running tests. Check out what others have done here. (https://quacc.org/)

5. Mobile Wallet

We are working on releasing mobile wallet(s). Stay tuned. I am sure we will see people saying “When Mobile Wallet?” in this channel. Care to make an emoji for this?

6. DB Implementation

As size of our blockchain grows, it may be necessary to use DB like BCN and Monero in near future. Will update as we move on.

7. A New Explorer

I love the explorer we use now, but it can be better. Planning to renew this feature within 2019.

8. EPoSe

Not the time yet.

– – – – – – – – –
QWC is just over 15 months old and we are growing very fast.
Our team is communicating 24/7 to make QWC better every day.

Dear all QWC members,

It has been a tough year for a lot of crypto communities. We witnessed many pumps and dumps, exchange frauds, government regulations, and dying coins. Well.. the good news is we are still here, working on improvements and adding more features.

Looking back last 12 months, the followings are the major events and achieved milestones users can notice.

– Exchange Listing

We are currently listed on Crex 24 (BTC), Bitexlive (BTC, DOGE), BiteBTC (ETH, DASH, BCHABC) and experienced exit scam exchanges : OctaEx, Crep Exchange, Altex. We will continue to add more reliable exchnages, but mostly those listed in CMC will get priority. We will be included in the next update of bisq. Yay!!!

– Community

Now our telegram channel is about 850 members (after getting rid of bots) and I expect more new users or returning users once QWC retains some value in the market. We created facebook, twitter and instagram channels and also actively engaged in telegram channels for international communities. We are also planning to open up youtube channel for video contents.

More team members joined to contribute to our network and established foundation. I expect to see more activities from foundation soon. We also have the first merchant who accepts QWC as a method of payment in UK and community members who crafted artifacts exclusively for QWC.

– Development

1. Foremost, Alex has continued to contribute his dev work to our cryptocurrency development and management. He is one of the founders of this network, not me. If you appreciate his dedication please type “Thanks, Alex”.

2. Initial web development social media management by Jordan and fantasic updates from ghostx1x is definitely worthy to mention in this announcement. We all should thank their hard work.

3. Block Explorer received a facelift and it is from Karbo, so let’s thank Karbo developer, Aiwe for providing such wonderful code. BTW, this explorer has become almost CN coin standard. QWC has plan to roll out a completely new block explorer before the end of 3Q 2019.

4. Release of Web wallet is another milestone in terms of increasing acceessibility and useability of our cryptocurrency. We plan to add 2FA feature to fortify security measures. No central server, decentralized client application. Kudos for Masari and Karbo and Dev Alex for customizing it for Qwertycoin.

5. Release of Zero wallet is a sign that QWC is one step closer to EPoSe. If you don’t know what EPoSe is, please read the whitepaper. Users no longer need to download the complete blockchain but instead use service nodes provided by the core team and community members. If you still want to run your node and use it, we will provide this option. So don’t worry.

6. Advanced compilation setup and modernizing cmake script. Those of you, who compiled binaries from QWC source code in the past, now you can realize how simple and easy it has become. Thanks spectr.

7. Current codebase is compatible with Andriod platform. Soon, all official wallet developments are expecetd to be finised, including the most anticipated mobile wallets based on simplewallet. This means that your wallet file(s) will be stored in your local device and use remote node for using QWC blockchain.

8. Major version from 1.0 to 5.0 with optimized settings.

9. We now have Wiki. Check it out. Thanks to blockinator. https://github.com/qwertycoin-org/qwertycoin/wiki

and much more.. Check out our github for more up to date development status. We have exciting updates coming in this year.

What do you all think? Maybe less than what other coins did in the past, right? But in reality, we did much more than 99% of coins out there. I really hope we all will stand the test of time and make QWC a successful blockchain.

Don’t forget to say Thanks to above names.

QWC is just over 14 month old and we are growing very fast. Our team is communicating 24/7 to make QWC better everyday.

The Qwertycoin community decided to switch back to Cryptonight Classic via their own voting platform.

The Hard Fork was successfully executed on Block Height 250,720.

Please change your Miner Settings:

“cnAlgorithm”: “cryptonight”, “cnVariant”: 0, “cnBlobType”: 0,