A small announcement:

For 3Q, I set my next development goal to make a new explorer that shows the following:

1. Block Explorer
2. Mining(PoW) Explorer
3. Network/Node(PoS) Explorer
4. Market Explorer
5. QWC Tools

This update is very much critical to our path forward to EPoSe.

We have used Karbo’s explorer like many other CN coins for a long time and it has served its purpose very well. Once we complete this new explorer,

I believe QWC will set a new standard for Crypto scene in terms of what kind of information really needs to be public and shared among users.

Also, android version of simple wallet is expected to be launched within 3Q as well as LMDB(database) implementation on QWC,

which will allow more efficient mixin(anonymity) compared to Monero.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here:


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    HUMBERTO says:

    hello, the possibility of entering more exchanges this year? It would be great to see QWC, hitbtc, poloniex and even Binance. I saw a story, that you think that reaching 10 satochi is true?

    I have big exchange QWC crex24, and not seeing.

    • ghostx1x
      ghostx1x says:

      We are now listed on 6 Exchanges

      CITEX QBTC Bituan Crex24 Bitexlive…

      More bigger Exchanges will come in the future

      We have to build now a bigger community now


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