[Announcement – July 25th, 2019]

Hello, Community!

We who started from the bottom of cryptospace has turned into one of the most profitable coins in the market. Marketcap hit 2 million USD and we all expect it to rise even more in near future. In line with this expectation, I would like to make today’s announcement regarding crowdfunding for exchange listings.

P2PB2B has contacted us for some time now and they have offered a listing on their exchnage if we get to pay a fee of 3 BTC.

Yes, this is a lot of value when you think about the total buy walls we have in the market.

Tell us whether we as a community should try to crowdfund this act or not.

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  1. Tuấn Trần
    Tuấn Trần says:

    I think P2PB2B is a big floor, high liquidity. If you need a donation campaign, the community will be ready, but need transparency …. HitBtc floor is also a good choice for the new coin. Thanks Dve
    Tuấn Trần minner


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