About Qwertycoin

Qwertycoin is a real community cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital asset, like Bitcoin. It is based on CryptoNote Technology V2.0. Nobody owns or controls Qwertycoin.

It allows anonymous and trustless peer to peer transactions through a fair ASIC-friendly PoW mining algorithm and will implement EPoSe, a new algorithm concept exclusive to QWC.

Qwertycoin transactions are untraceable, unlinkable and your privacy is protected.
Mathematics secures the QWC network and empowers individuals to control their own finance and information.

Your private key is your bank account, with no censorship and surveillance.

About the Logo:

Two Q – Rotate the logo 180° and it is still a Q

Added “wings” to match with a currency feel ($ £ € ¥ ฿…)


Qwertycoin Specification

Coin Ticker



Cryptonight Classic

P2P Port



Proof of Work (PoW)

Difficulty Algorithm

Zawy (adjusted every block)

RPC Port


Block Time

120 seconds (2 minutes)

Block Reward

Decrease by each block

Tx Hash


Total Supply

184.47 billion QWC

Coin Decimals

1/10000000 QWC


0% premined

The Qwertycoin Group


Founder & Lead Developer


Founder & MacOS Lead

Jason (Xecute)

Founder & Finance Officer


IT Lead & Infrastructure

Jordan Lovelle (Anonymaus)

Team Lead & Designer

Maveric Miner

Community & Marketing Manager

Jeff Lee

IT & Infrastructure

Brent (FranklinsAce)

Community & Marketing Manager

Marc (ExploShot)

Developer & Mobile Lead

Lee (Spek Oregonian)

Speaker & Marketing Manager

Michael (ghostx1x)

Designer & Social Media Manager

Dennis (axecrypt)


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