This article is about the reward system of EPoSe. EPoSe reward system is based on a node’s uptime(continuous service time). Individuals will be providing node service and mining operation to QWC network through CLI client.

To be more egalitarian than exisitng PoW and PoS, you neither need to have a huge hashrate to earn massive amount of coins nor need to stake coins to earn interests for QWC. You just need to join the network and provide mining/ node service to QWC network with any average pc(CPU+RAM+Storage) with internet connection.

QWC team will deploy a separate early stage AI system called ‘Sentinel’ to continuously check the status of the nodes and calculate their uptime.

Based on the information broadcast from Sentinel, the nodes that are identified and qualified as uptime nodes for the period of reward maturity will be awarded with a portion of accumulated block rewards (may also include transaction fees); the entire rewards will be divided evenly among the uptime node population.

To run EPoSe in a transparent manner, QWC team will develop network explorer to show the real-time status of all nodes. A preliminary review of current Sentinel development can be checked from below links.

(Uptime Nodes)

(All Nodes)

(All Connections)

If you are one of the masternode operators, please check above links to find out whether your node(s) can be qualified for uptime node(s).

The qualification criterion will be posted as EPoSe is developed and optimized further. Please keep track of all QWC medium posts.