Since being listed on CREX24 on April 25, 2018 Qwertycoin has passed several notable milestones.  Those milestones include trading volume, price support and blocks mined.

The volume of trading on the CREX24 has exceeded management teams expectations as well as the level of price support.

The first official day started well into the trading day and found volumes near 29M QWC. Day two volume over 113M QWC traded and on day 3 volumes reached 211M QWC.  Day four is looking good with over 325M QWC traded and opportunity to further extend today’s record volume. These volume levels on CREX24 put us well above some peer Cryptonote coins such as Karbo and BBSCoin.  Currently in 8th place based on CREX24 volume we currently rank only ahead of widely recognized Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Zcash.

While there were some in QWC community that predicted a race to the bottom because of a minimum price of 0.01 sat.  In fact we have seen much the opposite with prices peaking at 5 sat before settling  near 0.12 sat.  As this is being written we are seeing levels rising to 0.18 and 0.22 sat. Rising or falling price levels are in a large part dependant on the continued support of the QWC community.

Another milestone which QWC recently achieved is 60,000 blocks mined.   It was our plan to become listed on an exchange after 60,000 blocks, as evidenced we are pleased that we were able to beat that goal by several thousand blocks.

As a management team we have to give HUGE KUDOS to all the members of the QWC community for their direct and indirect support on CREX24, Telegram, Discord and Reddit!  This was all accomplished due to your community support without premining or a QWC ICO.

Thank you for your amazing support!

The Qwertycoin Management Team